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A range that reflects your individual inspiration from the world around you An expanding and affordable range which allows you the flexibility to match your mood or an occasion A porcelain and metal range inspired by the natural world A unique collaboration by 2 sisters. One creating porcelain pieces and the other creating one-off artworks using found materials and intricate stitching techniques.

How much does your jewellery say about who you are?

Would you love to invest in new jewellery that reflects who you truly are but are worried about the cost?

Well a solution is at hand.

If you are looking for jewellery that:

Makes you stand out and feel special
Reflects the strong, simple shapes of ethnic cultures
Can change as the priorities in your life change

Then what Kerry Richardson creates could be just what you are looking for, her 3 ranges

Are unique designs unlike any others

Reflect the cultural shapes and designs of Africa
Offer flexibility to be dressed up or down depending on the occasion

Take a look now at what is on offer, or contact Kerry if you are looking to create a truly unique piece for yourself or someone special.